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Cats For Life - Cat Adoptions, Houston TX

Welcome to the Cats for Life Adoptions website.

Be prepared to have the experience of your life! You will find it hard to leave the website because the Cats for Life felines are charismatic, lovable, loyal, cuddly, warm, soft, funny, silly, entertaining, precious, do brain surgery, studying for the bar exam, play bridge -- whoa! Got carried away there. It's easy to do because these cats are all very impressive - you'll want to meet each and every one. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Dedication: to Gina

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(Be sure and watch my video at the bottom of the description!) Hi. My name is Capri. I'm a very laid-back, sweet, quiet little kitty cat. My relative, Natalie, and I were rescued more about Capri
(Be sure and watch my video at the bottom of the description!) My name is Carly. My foster mom says the best way to describe me is brave. I have overcome a lot. I was rescued from more about Carly

Special Note 


Cats for Life is in desperate need for donations in this economy.  We are a new 501c3 organization and have been hitting brick walls since this organization started during the downturn.  There are cats that really need to be spayed and neutered and brought into our foster home that we cannot afford or have room for.  One group of cats that was brought in had to have about $8,000 worth of dental work, and we have depleted our funds.


Adoptions are also really down.  Please spread the word.  I have so many sweet, wonderful kitties that are not getting adopted.


Cats for Life also needs volunteers for fund raising and also someone who can work on the website and other technical things to perhaps increase traffic, et cetera so that we can have more adoptions, as Cats for Life's president is rather technologically deficient.  Thanks!

 Please Note: Cats for Life, Inc. is not a shelter. The cats live in foster homes, and we are always overwhelmed. We cannot take owner turn-ins or strays found by kind people at this time. However, if you wish to e-mail, we can direct you to organizations that will help you get your cats spayed and neutered, etc. and get them adopted if you are willing to foster them in your home until such time that they are adopted. This would include taking them to the organization's mobile adoption site (usually Petcos and Petsmarts) on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Thanks for rescuing stray and abandoned animals.  

Below is a list of different organizations that you can enroll your cats with and their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.  Most will pay for the medical for your cats if you keep them in your home and take them to their mobile adoption sites.

 Organization                               Phone                        E-mail

Pets Are Us Rescue                     832-427-1667     REPTILESRU@AOL.COM

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary    281-807-7387


Abandoned Animal Rescue           281-290-0121


Scouts Honor Rescue Inc.


Animal Rescue Kingdom (A.R.K.)    281-556-0226


SMART Animal Rescue                 281-875-0100


Adopt A Cat                                  281-580-6652


E-rescue                                         281-556-0226


Homeless & Orphaned Pet Endeavor (HOPE)


Homesless Pet Placement League   7


LMN Feline Rescue





Please visit the "Information" link to find out more about our organization and our mission statement.


Click "Donation Info" to learn how to help us save more stray and abandoned cats.





When you "Browse" the cats, please be sure to click "Next Page" at the lower right of your screen to move through the pages of the cats. More pictures and a video of each cat are at the bottom of the Description.

Dangers of DeclawingYou need to be aware of the dangers of declawing - Please read the
Citizens for Animal Protection Article



To view an excellent video
about spay/neuter see:









For every person claiming a "hardship" that requires them to surrender a supposedly beloved pet, there's been another person who endured the exact same situation and didn't consider for a heartbeat giving up their treasured friend. Although a ceremony is not involved, when you accept a pet into your life, you make a commitment to love, honor and cherish them for the rest of their life, not just until their presence is no longer convenient. There is a solution to every perceived "problem" and with a little research and effort, you can find it.