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Animal Success Stories
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Lola was adopted by Angel and family on 3-3-13. Lola has become really good friends with Angel's other cat, Mr. Mittens. They love to play together and are getting along great. Lola loves to sleep with Angel and Michelle and lays by their feet. Lola really likes to look out the sliding glass door. Thanks, Angel and Michelle, for giving Lola a safe and loving home.!


Lydia (now Miss Lilly Mittens) was adopted by Diana and family on 1-1-13. She did very well from the beginning. And she does very well with the children. Miss Lilly Mittens sleeps with the whole family, and they all play with her on the bed before going to sleep. Diana's oldest son has said how sweet she is. She loves to be scratched on her belly and loves to chase little toy balls. Diana said she had a great time with the Christmas decorations. They really love Miss Lilly Mittens. Thanks so much, Diana and family, for giving this girl such a wonderful home!

Little Feats

Little Feats and Mighty Max were adopted together. Yay! Here's what their mom has to say: "Mighty Max and Little Feats found their forever home on New Year's Eve, 2011. Max and Feats are Awesome. They love to sleep with me every night. They love to talk to me throughout the day, and when I start to pet them, they just fall right on their side and, boy, do they ever purr. I have a Belgium Shepherd who is 2 yrs old and they all get along really nicely. They all curl up and sleep together on my bed. I barely have any room. LOL. I was so happy to have been able to give Max and Feats a great home." Thanks for giving these two boys such a wonderful and loving home!


Lulu was adopted by Daniel and Michelle and children on 10-17-11. Lulu is doing great. The other cats are tolerating her, but Lulu especially likes and plays with one of the dogs. She plays and jumps. She's everywhere. She's a lap kitty and loves to be pet and purrs. She sleeps with Daniel and Michelle and also on the kitchen floor. The kids adore her. She also really loves her feather toy. Thanks to Daniel and Michelle and family for giving Lulu such a wonderful home!


Lolita, now Kitten, was adopted by Kathleen and Mark and family on 2-9-11. Lolita is doing really well. At first she was hissing at their two dogs, but now they're all moving around slowly with each other. She shows the dogs who is boss. Kitten just plays, plays, plays all the time, jumping and running. Kitten sits in Kathleen's lap. Kitten usually sleeps with daughter Ashley, and Kitten and Ashley have fallen for each other. Kathleen says Kitten has her own little jungle there with kids and animals. I'm so glad Kitten has such a wonderful, loving home. She's such a lucky kitty!

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