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Animal Success Stories
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This is an adorable and lovely story and poem written by Pat, who adopted Nicole (now Holly) on 12-13-12. I'm so impressed with her story. Pat is also the mother of Jennifer, who adopted a Cats for Life cat, Emily, a few years back. Here's the story: "Found in a bucket, out on the street. A forever family for us, would we ever meet? I had 2 cute sisters, and a cute little brother. We were all found together, along with our mother. Foster parents fed us, we were so thin. We were really grateful, that they took us in. My siblings were adopted, they were the first. If no one wanted me, that would be the worst. The name given to me, it was Nicole. To find me a forever home, that would be the goal. One day I was taken, to the Petco Store. Along with my friend Pumpkin, whom I did adore. So charming and playful, we were ever so sweet. If we could go home together, would be pretty neat. But if it couldn’t happen, it would still be ok. Just loving families for us, is what we thought of each day. Well, a few days later, someone came in. She saw Pumpkin and me, but we were not kin. She said, “I just want one kitty, I’m so sorry for that. Pumpkin’s a sweet boy, he’ll be a very handsome cat.” Reaching through the bars, of the cage to scratch my face; she thought I looked like I had patches of lace. My fur was so soft, and so lovely. She said, “I want you to come home with me.” My picture she took and smiled and said, “I’ll have to check with the man I wed.” Well, it must have turned out her way, ‘cause within an hour, she called Mary Kay. “Mary Kay, Mary Kay,” she said with glee, “I would like Nicole to come home with me.” The very next day a time was set. My new mommy and Mary Kay, they met. My mommy with a little cage, and a smile on her face, and Mary Kay and her paperwork, folded up in her case. The deal was done, we were on our way. My new mommy said, “It will be ok.” “I love you already, from the moment we met. You have new friends waiting, and your bed is all set.” I felt a little better, as she tickled my chin; through the bars of, the little cage I was in. When we got there, I saw my new friends, and my house. Big cat trees to play on and a little play mouse. Before it was Christmas, I got a new name. I heard my mom say it, as I was playing a game. “Dolly or Molly, it sure can’t be Polly. It’s Christmas time soon, so it has to be Holly.” She wrapped me in a blanket and carried me around. So warm and so loved, I felt so profound. With velvet and bells, for me a collar she made. I wore it so proudly, it could have been jade. The first part of my life, has come to an end. A new beginning has started, it was just around the bend. I’m tired of thinking, and writing my story. My new life you see, will be one of glory. So, as I lay softly, on my new mommy’s lap. I realize that now it is time for my nap. I’m so loved and so happy, in my new forever home. And that is the end of this little poem." Thanks, Pat, for assuring us that Holly is truly in her loving and forever home!

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