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Animal Success Stories
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Abby was adopted on 2-5-10 by Nicola, a very sweet young woman. She wanted a kitty companion for herself and her dog, Lily. Abby lived in a foster home with a large dog that Abby slept with and adored. So we thought Abby would be great. The first couple of days Abby hid, but then very quickly after that she came out of her shell. She loves Nicola and loves to sit in her lap and come running to her. She's so happy and purrs all the time. She also loves Lily, the dog. They play and chase each other, both ways. Lily, the dog, used to sleep with Nicola, but now Lily sleeps on the sofa and Abby sleeps on the recliner, keeping each other company. They are best friends and like an old married couple! We are so, so happy that Abby found such a wonderful, happy home!