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Animal Success Stories
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On Sunday, February 10th our beloved, 17-yr old Manx died of a heart attack. The days that passed were painful, as the whole family grieved the loss of Cody. Our hearts ached and our daily routine was consumed with looking for Cody. Our house seemed empty and our hearts had huge holes filled with sorrow. Someone suggested that we look for another cat. Somehow this seemed disrespectful of Cody. But our veterinarian said this would be the best honor we could give to Cody! One of the sites we looked at was Cats for Life. And there he was, the wonderful cat that filled our aching hearts…Otis. Mr. Otis is such a sweet, laid back soul. He is an older kitty, at 6 ½ years, but just perfect for us. This furry, rag doll creature wins the hearts of everyone that meets him. He has certainly filled our empty hearts with love for him. From his silent meow to his love of attention, he is a true gift. He is just like picking up a rag doll; he just flops down where ever you put him. Even though Otis has some health issues we knew he was a cat that needed us as much as we did him. Thank you Cats for Life and Joy Ann, the special cat foster lady for Otis. She is the ultimate cat lover. I am sure Joy Ann will be honored with an award in feline heaven. Meow, from Otis, Martha & Clark --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oscar and Daisy Mae

Cindy adopted Oscar and Daisy Mae on 12-18-11. She intended to only adopt Oscar, but she adopted both and is so, so glad she did. She thought Oscar was the more outgoing because of the way he acted at Petco, but actually Daisy Mae is the more outgoing. She owned the house from the beginning. Oscar is coming along and getting out of his shell. I'm sure he'll be all over the place in a couple of weeks. Cindy already had two female cats, and all cats love each other and are playing together. That's great news! Cindy has a cat room with cat trees and a huge basket of toys for the kitties! What a great kitty mom! Three of the cats are sleeping with Cindy. Oscar is kind of staying under the bed. He's such a sweet boy, and I know he'll be all over the place soon. Thanks so much, Cindy, for giving these two babies such a wonderul and loving home!


(See story on Andy because Andy and Opie were adopted together. Yay!!!)

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